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We are headed up to gorgeous North Conway, NH with friends this week. Every other year, a group of college friends and all of our families go away on vacation together. There are 8 adults and 9 kids (between the ages of 2 ½ and 7). I realize that this does not sound like bliss, but it is. There is nothing better. We all get along fabulously and so do our children. Now, on our 3rd time away together, it is a well oiled machine when it comes to preparation.

A few weeks before the big vacation, we all share a document and split up what kinds of food items to bring. This way we are stocked for the week. Since we rent a house, it allows us the freedom of cooking while we are away instead of having to eat out every meal. We usually eat out on both ends of the trip and eat-in the rest of the time.

Every family brings a bunch of staples to get us through the week without much effort and we all share.

I try to make as many things as I can before hand so that we have a bunch of great homemade options on hand!  There are 17 of us total, so doubling and tripling recipes is a must:)

Staples for a Homemade Vacation

I always think about breakfast. Of course we have some bagels, bread, cereal, etc. to get us by BUT, in advance, I like to prepare other things too. It makes me feel good to at least mix in a few homemade goodies! Generally it is blueberry season when we go aways so I always like to do some fresh picking with the kids just days before.

Banana Blueberry Bread – We have been picking blueberries like crazy! So of course, the baked goods are coming out full blast. I’ve been doubling this recipe and freezing half to prepare for vacation.

Beet Pancakes – Last week, C and my mom and I headed to the SoWa Market in Boston and grabbed a bunch of beets from the farmers market portion. I plan on whipping up a batch of pancakes and freezing them until the day we leave so we can share them while we are there. The recipe makes at least enough for one breakfast.

Zucchini Bread – Another staple in our house during the summer. Zucchini is flying in (or would be if we had a garden this year – whomp whomp) and overstocked at the markets. Makes a perfect breakfast!

One morning we’ll have an egg feast courtesy of Nicole and I plan on making homemade cinnamon rolls one day too unless of course Taryn decides to make some Monkey Bread! YUM!

Then there is lunch.

We make sure we have enough bread, fruit, hummus, cut veggies, and salad components to take whereever we go! All of these are things that we can easily bring in our cooler from home. Of course Kerrygold cheese with some crackers is a great on the go lunch too.

Dinner is the fun part!

For our friends vaca, each family takes one night and that covers most of the week. They are responsible for cooking the meal for everyone that night. It works out great! This year the Blakesleys are doing a create your own taco night. I’ll prepare most of the ingredients before hand and also see if I can hit up a farmers market in town right when we get there to stock up on the rest of the ingredients! I think I am going to try this Mexican Chopped  Salad too. :)

What kind of vacation doesn’t have snacks?! Not ours…

Especially in the summer, my kids are snack kings (and queens). I don’t know if it is the added level of activity, but they are ALWAYS hungry. We definitely have some go to snacks that we enjoy on vacations – ones that are easy to pack up and take with us on day trips! I always have our On the Go Fallback snacks. But homemade are always much more enjoyable. :)

Chocolate Chip Cookies made by the infamous Ben Blakesley. We think his are the best so we put him to work before we leave so we can take a few batches:) While we are there, I totally need to make these S’more cookies. They are a favorite (debateably THE favorite) in the house!

There are also these multigrain cereal and cranberry bars that our friend Mackenzie makes that we enjoy SO much! Hint hint Mac, get on it! 😉

Yogurt is another go to snack that we can bring with us in our cooler. I plan on making this Tzatziki Dip one night for an appetizer with drinks! And clearly Tyrrells Chips will be in the bag too. Every year, the Canadians get the craziest types of chips. I can’t wait for them to try the Chili Pepper chips!

I’ll also be creating another cookie of sorts. One that it is a little more “melt resistant”! Possibly a shortbread variety. Stay tuned!

So…what kinds of foods do you make at home to prepare for your vacation?! I can always use more ideas!!

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  1. Okay, I REALLY need to try Tirrell’s chips! I’m excited for you and your vacation! It’s not always easy to find the right mix of people to vacation with, and it makes me happy to.know you have that.
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