Embroidered Easter Egg Door Knob Decoration


If you haven’t already noticed, embroidering is an activity that we love to do in our house. Okay, maybe Ben doesn’t love it, but everyone else does! I started embroidering with C when she was 4 and G jumped in soon after. They started off with just a blank piece of felt, a blunt needle, and some embroidery floss, feeling their way around and seeing how it all worked. Soon after, they went on to make their own Tooth Fairy Bears, and now it is one of their favorite kinds of crafts to do. I love all that handwork crafts can teach children (but that is another post all in itself!).

I am the leader of C’s Daisy Troop and needed to think of a craft for them to do, so I figured I would center it around Easter and help the girls earn a badge at the same time. The girls earned their sewing badge by learning how to embroider and make this adorable doorknob decoration at the same time! Here’s how we did it:


*You can find all of the supplies at your local craft store

Blunt tapestry needles – I chose the bluntest embroidery needles that would still easily go through the felt.

Felt sheets and scraps – We always have a stash of these on hand.

Embroidery floss

Scissors – Fabric scissors come in handy here.




Step 1: Cut out Easter egg shapes from the felt. Cut out some other very small shapes as well for decorating. You need two pieces of the exact same shape for each embroidered egg. I just drew an egg shape on a piece of cardstock and used that as my template, but you could also “wing it”. I cut out strips, circles, rectangles, and triangles too!



Step 2: Help thread your little one’s needle with their choice of colored embroidery floss. Teach them how to do it themselves and work with them on it. In the end, you will all benefit because eventually they won’t have to ask you for help every time it comes un-threaded! I usually start them off by doubling the thread up and then tie a knot. That way when they pull hard, the thread doesn’t pull out of the eye.

Step 3: Focus on one of the egg-shaped felt pieces and have them decorate that first side. We used the small felt scraps that I cut out and then C had buttons to choose from too.



Step 4: Move onto the other piece of felt and decorate this one that one as well. One will be the back of the egg and one will be the front.

Step 5: Put the two sides together (wrong sides together). Teach your little one how to whipstitch around the egg leaving about a 3 inch opening. Here is a good tutorial on how to whipstitch so that you can learn first. :-)

Step 6: Stuff your egg. Fill with your stuffing to your desired firmness.



Step 7: Finish whipstitching around the opening that you left. When you get to the end, don’t cut the thread. Make a large loop so that it can hang over a doorknob. If you don’t have enough thread, that’s okay, you can go back and do this later.


Each of our Daisies learned some basic embroidery techniques and stitches this day. They ALL loved it and for many of them it was their first time embroidering. I consider that a huge success!

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  1. I just love the memories you are making with your children. It takes an amazing and talented woman to have the love and patience to do this with little ones. Tell C her Easter Egg Doorknob is awesome.

  2. Ohhhh so CUTE! I used to embroider with my mom all the time – I really should see if Princess Nagger would like to try to make these. What an awesome idea! :)
    Stacy Uncorked recently posted…Snow Teaser, Omarosa the Witch, St. Patty’s Day Fun Fail but Pot Roast Win: RTT RebelMy Profile

    • She is going to LOVE this! It allows them to be so creative too! C usually embroiders her initials or other designs on there too…I love watching her!

  3. Cute! My boys made snowmen door decorations over the winter and refuse to remove them from their doors…your post just inspired me to have them switch it up a bit!
    Heather S. recently posted…Pirate and Mermaid Party Activity StationsMy Profile

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