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One of my favorite parts about being a parent is developing traditions with my kids during different times of the year, especially holidays. For Easter, one of the traditions for my children started with their Easter baskets. C was only 4 months old when she had her first Easter, but I felt like I just had to have a special basket for her, so I went to the local craft store and picked out your traditional Easter basket with a fabric interior. I wanted to personalize it so I embroidered her name onto the front of it. It was perfect (for us) and so a tradition was born. The boys were born and they too had their names embroidered onto a basket of their own. The baskets are not all the same as I had the kids at different times, but it doesn’t matter, they are special in their own ways.

Over the years, I have seen some really great ideas for Easter baskets. I have actually been tempted to trade ours in for some of these really cool ones, but I don’t think I could bear it. We do give an Easter basket to my nephew every year, so I am always on the look out for ideas! Here are some of the awesome options I have come across!

1. Edible Easter Basket – Now this is a great idea by Jillee over at One Good Thing by Jillee! What a way to NOT have leftover Easter baskets year after year. My in-laws give my children an Easter basket every year and I always forget to give them back so that they can use them the next year so we have a surplus of baskets. This would be the perfect alternative!!

Edible Easter Basket


*Photo by Jill used with permission. 

2. Recycled Milk Jug Basket – If you like to change up your Easter baskets every year, Repurpose Relove has a tutorial for an Easter basket made out of a recycled milk jug. It is an adorable way to stay green and personalize your little one’s Easter. It is also a great and inexpensive way to make Easter baskets for family members too!

3. Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial – I adore this Easter basket  by Melly Sews! I am all about its sentimental value and can just imagine having this year after year. So if you are a sewer, try this! And while you are over there, check out some of the other awesome tutorials at the same time!


*Photo credit: Melissa Mora

4. Sand Bucket – Another “re-purpose idea” for an Easter basket is to use a sand bucket. When my kids were little, I would always give them beach and sand toys in their Easter baskets (and still do). They don’t need all that candy. :-) You can even get a paint marker and personalize the bucket with their name to make it a bit more unique.

5. Organizational Container – My mom has continued to make Easter baskets for my husband and I even though we are into our 30’s. She always uses some organizational container as the “basket” making it really nice to receive. So, for older children, this may be a great way to help them organize their rooms…hint hint :-)

 6. Vintage Style Peat Pot Baskets I can see gardening themed treats in this basket and though it may not be perfect for your little ones, it may be perfect for some other special person in your life. I can’t wait to check out all of the designs that can be used for this project!

Peat Pot Easter Basket


*Photo by Geneva and used with permission. 

 7. Upcycled Grocery Bag Easter Basket– We all know how I love a good upcycle and this one calls out to me big time! Last year as an “Easter party mom”, I had to create 12 treat bags. This would have been the perfect holder for all of them! Well, I am sure there will be another time. :-) I can’t wait to use this tutorial!



*Photo credit: Lia Griffith

8. Traditional Basket with a Twist – You can always head out to your local craft store and purchase a traditional basket with or without a liner. Sew your own liner, maybe from patches of special clothing that your little one has grown out of or personalize it a bit by embroidering words or images on it.


If you were in need of some Easter basket ideas, I hope you found some inspiration (I know I did!). If you already have an Easter basket for your special ones, what kind do you use? I would love to hear your stories!

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  3. This is a very sweet post Lauryn. Thanks for including my basket.

    • Thanks Lia! I love your basket…I am all about reusing and recycling and what a beautiful way to do it…thank YOU for writing such a wonderful tutorial!

  4. The Peeps basket is genius!
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