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Hey there, the Vintage Dad here! I’ve been recruited by your normal host to bring you a review of the new David Gray album Mutineers. I have no idea why Lauryn would pass this along to me… Oh, wait… Maybe it’s because I pretty much know all the words to every song on Gray’s first 3 records. :-)

Reading up a bit on the genesis of this, his 10th album, I was a little skeptical. Everything I read talked about a “new direction” and “unfamiliar territory” for this recording, so I thought I might be in for a disappointment. Luckily, this is not the case at all! This new record expands on Gray’s beloved sound more than it moves away from it. The melding of glitchy percussion and electronic elements with acoustic instruments and thoughtful lyrics framed in brilliant songwriting has always been where David Gray excels. This album continues that tradition, while updating that formula for a modern audience.

“Back in the World” and “As the Crow Flies” start the record off with that upbeat, singable David Gray sound before getting a bit darker on on the title track “Mutineers.” But I think my favorite track is “Snow in Vegas.” It’s everything I love about this artist. Great storytelling, earnest delivery, and interesting, yet simple production elements. From there, the rest of the album sticks to a dark, mellow vibe that is both introverted and interesting.

The biggest takeaway from this album is that he’s still got it. One of the easiest, smoothest vocal deliveries in the business, creative and inventive arrangement combinations, all anchored by excellent songwriting. That’s David Gray. That’s this album. A fine addition to the David Gray discography.

Pre-order the album on iTunes or Amazon, or just wait until it comes out on June 17th!

And be sure to catch Gray on tour in North America starting on August 1st!

See all dates and ticket info here: https://tickets.davidgray.com/

**Disclosure: We received a free download of David Gray’s new album, Mutineers from the OnetoOne Network to facilitate this review. All opinions and Ben’s love for David Gray is his own. :)

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