A Fresh, Fun, Made in the USA Bag to Spice Up Your Wardrobe – Meet Noubar

I was just introduced to this great new brand, Noubar. After seeing that they were Made in the USA, I headed over to their site to check them out. I am a bag lady. Well, what I mean by that is that I love finding fun new bags that look great. What I love even more is finding ones that are … [Read more...]

Swimwear for Summer…Great Styles This Year!

Let's just say, I am always a bit apprehensive about summer.Well, always as in, the last 6 years. In that time, I have either been pregnant or just had a baby. Not always the best time to get in a bathing suit... Well, the just having a baby for me in particular. There are tons of women that just … [Read more...]

Colorful Denim This Spring!

    When it comes to pants this spring, color is the thing! Neons, pastels, brights, you name it. Cropped and capri skinny jeans are in full swing and blue denim just isn't good enough for this spring, we need the pop! <-- I can't believe I just said that. Miss "my favorite pair of jeans … [Read more...]

Highlights From the Spring 2013 Philly Mom Mixer

Last weekend, I attended another fabulous event hosted by Colleen Padilla and Whitney Wingerd. I am talking fabulous! I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a room filled with some pretty great brands, many of which are highlighting some not-to-miss spring trends that I will be sharing in the … [Read more...]

All Things Chevron

I have noticed over the past few months that I am drawn to chevron. I am in love with it {okay, slightly obsessed}! I find myself wanting to incorporate it into my wardrobe and our home décor every chance I get. Now, I am aware that chevron has been around forever (well, almost) and that it is no … [Read more...]

Earrings and Scarves and Nailpolish, OH MY!

I have made it my goal to take 5 minutes every day when I am getting dressed or ready to look at myself in the mirror and think about what could make my outfit more "me". I am not trying to impress anyone else, but I want to make sure that I impress myself. We all have our own styles, and right … [Read more...]

A Tutorial On Earrings That Dress Up Any Outfit – A Great Gift

My favorite accessories at the moment are small resin rose stud earrings. I LOVE them; everything about them.  First of all, they come in every color, from pastels to brights, AND they come in all different sizes from super small studs to larger studs. What's even better, they're cheap and easy to … [Read more...]

Finding My Way Back To Fashion – Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I love being a mom. From taking care of an infant's every waking need, to helping with homework and leading a troop full of Daisy Scouts, I get so much joy out of raising my children. But one thing I never really considered about being a more-than-full-time care taker is that I would have so little … [Read more...]


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