An Abundance Radishes – Week 12 of Our Winter CSA

Well, “Week 12” was quite the exciting week for our CSA. Eckerton is getting ready to jump into their first Spring/Summer CSA and they decided to have an Open House to answer some questions from those that were interested, give a little tour, and serve a bit of food. This Open House was on Monday (look for my write-up on this fantastic event soon) and while we were there, we picked up our CSA share for the week.

Last week, I talked about rainbow chard and gave some of my favorite ideas for using it in every day life. I stress every day life because it is important to note that while I would LOVE to spend hours on meals cooking in the kitchen, it is just not practical where I/we are in life, other than maybe a special occasion once or twice a week.

The recipe I used last week for the rainbow chard we had was the Garlicky Smoked Rainbow Chard one, but without the smoked part. :-) I certainly won’t call it a hit with my family, but it isn’t dreaded either. They eat their portion without complaining – and that’s saying something!

This week’s box came with a bunch more carrots which is a GREAT thing since there is nothing quite better than fresh carrots in the eyes of my children. C even went to school today with an orange ring around her lips…no, not from juice my friends, but from eating these fresh carrots all morning! Success! :-)

We also got some mesclun mix and French breakfast radishes (salad time!), fingerling potatoes, and celery root. I have a navy bean soup going on tomorrow that I plan on incorporating these two things into. I am sure there will be more to come, maybe even a recipe post on that next week.

This week, we are talking radishes. These have been prevalent in our CSA share boxes over the last three months, so I thought it may be nice to dedicate some time to this beautiful veggie that is rich in anti-oxidants and sulforaphane (don’t know what that is? read this) as well as other a bunch of other vitamins…a.k.a. it’s good for you!

Here are some of the recipes that I have been using radishes in:

1. Salads – I have become a salad snob, and now no salad is complete in my mind without radishes. Maybe it’s because we’ve had a fresh stock of them in the fridge for the last 3 months. My favorite variety on a salad is French Breakfast Radishes. I find them a bit milder than the traditional variety for a fresh salad.

2. Roasted Radishes, Sunchokes, and Sweet Potatoes – This combo tastes delicious roasted together with some rosemary, salt, and pepper. Click here for the recipe!









3. Make a sandwich with them! I have been enjoying putting fresh greens on homemade bread with some aioli, cheese, and sliced radishes. It is delicious! Here is a recipe for a Sandwich with Chevre, Mache, and Radishes. Again, my favorite variety for sandwiches is French Breakfast.

4. Make a dip or a spread – This Feta-Radish Spread from Martha Stewart looks absolutely fabulous! Feta, radishes, and pita chips…what could be better? #Ilovefeta

5. Pizza! – Speaking of feta, how about trying a homemade pizza with radish slices, feta, onion, sauce, and some mozzerella? Delish!

6. Pickled Radishes – I am a HUGE fan of canning and here is a way to save all of those radishes from the CSA all winter/year long! Here is a recipe that has rave reviews: Pickled Radishes

7. Just eat them. Just wash them and eat them. YUM!

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  1. Hm, radishes. I can’t bring to mind the flavor. I think I usually pull them off when I see them, but I honestly don’t know what they taste like!
    Gina B recently posted…Review: Stoplight Golight TimerMy Profile

  2. I LOVE pickled radishes and I like them on salads but I have not tried them roasted.
    Noelle (@singerinkitchen) recently posted…39 1/2 week Pregnancy UpdateMy Profile

  3. I haven’t been fond of radishes in the past, though a homegrown radish probably tastes a lot better than store-bought. The idea of roasting them sounds intriguing.
    Barb @ A Life in Balance recently posted…fabulously frugal thursday: frugal or free datesMy Profile

  4. I usually eat them if they are hidden in a salad…I don’t tend to be an adventurous eater!
    Heather S. recently posted…Cheribundi with Lunch, Please? {Giveaway}My Profile

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