A Bra Fitting…It Has Been YEARS! Thank Goodness for Jockey Bra Fit Kit

**Disclosure: I received free product in return for a review of the Fit Kit System by Jockey and MomSelect. The opinions shared in this post are organic and my own. Jockey-bra-fit-kit   About a week ago I got this message in my email inbox about an opportunity to write a series of posts about Jockey’s new bra and their unique fitting system. At first I thought, I already have a lot of bras, but then quickly I reminisced about a conversation that Ben and I had about 6 months ago. He was trying to coax me to get rid of my comfy cozy nursing bras. Can you believe the nerve? Okay, maybe H had stopped nursing about 5 months prior to our conversation…but still, the memories, the comfort these all cotton nighttime nursing bras bring on cold rainy days, or the days where you are just a bit grumpy. Don’t pretend for a second that you don’t have a bra that maybe you shouldn’t be wearing that you don’t feel the same way about.

So, after my brief flashback, I immediately wrote back, yes, yes I would like to try a new fitting system and a new bra.

Five days later the Jockey Volumetric Fit System arrived in in the mail and I sized myself immediately. Now, this is a whole new sizing system. Forget about the “ABCD system”, we are moving on ladies of the world! Based on 3D models, Jockey has come up with a fitting system that they believe has a fit for every woman’s breast size.

The last “cup/underwire” bra I bought was in 2006. It was at Gap Body in Newtown, PA. I was 4 months pregnant with C and my boobs were just not fitting in my regular bras (Hooray). That joy was short lived and though I would love to still be that 32 C that I was while I was pregnant and nursing, I just no longer am:) It is time for a new size!

Fitting myself for a Jockey bra was super easy. It required measuring just under my bust with the included color coded measuring tape and finding the plastic cup that properly covered my breast. From these two measurements I was armed with a number with which I went to Jockey’s website and ordered the proper size of the Classic Contour Bra. The descriptions of the bras to choose from were really helpful. I liked how the necklines were clearly shown and the fabric and support that they offered was clearly noted. Ordering was easy.

The Jockey Volumetric Fit System is $19.95 and can be ordered from Jockey’s website. After ordering you will get a coupon code for $20 off your first bra order (basically taking care of the cost of the Fit Kit). If you are like me and have been pregnant or nursing, this is perfect because you will always have the Fit Kit to use over and over to find the perfect size.

– UPDATE: Here is my review of Jockey’s Classic Contour Bra!

**Disclosure: I received free product in return for a review of the Fit Kit System by Jockey and MomSelect. The opinions shared in this post are organic and my own. 

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  1. What a fabulous way to get a proper fitting. I’m just about ready to nice back to a real bra in a few months when the baby weans from nursing, so I must remember this! Thanks!
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  1. […] since 2006. I fitted myself the other week with Jockey’s new Fit Kit. You can see my review here and bonus, there is a video to go along with […]

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