9 Things I Look For In a Vacuum and The Dyson DC59 Motorhead


I love a clean house.

I know, I know, “A messy house is a sign of happy children.” My house may be messy (toys and such), but I like it to be clean.:) A clean kitchen floor is like heaven to me as are floors (hardwood and carpeted) that can be walked around on without shoes that won’t give you filthy socks or feet after.

We just moved into a new home and were lucky enough to have a grace period before we had to be out of the apartment. Mama H and my dad came up to help and since my mom is one of the cleanest people you will ever meet, this is what we focused on. We are talking you can literally eat directly off of her floor and it would most likely be cleaner than eating off of a plate that someone handed to you. She is the highest standard of clean that you can imagine. And I was thrilled to have her help!

Our focus area? The floors. There was quite a bit of dog hair. There was also a coal burning stove that left soot all over the floors. There were cobwebs all over the closets and dust in the corner of every room.

Just in the nick of time the Dyson DC59 Motorhead vacuum came for me to check out. Seriously, it saved us. It is everything AND more that I need and want in a vacuum cleaner.

9 things I look for in a vacuum that the Dyson DC59 Motorhead has.

1. Light – I need a vacuum that I can lug up and down the stairs. I am constantly using it upstairs one minute and downstairs the next. Weighing in at just under 5 pounds, carrying the Dyson around is a breeze. Heck, I carry 1 child up and down the stairs WHILE throwing a tantrum all.the.time. 5 pounds is nothing.

2. Works for all floor types – We have everything in our new home – tile, hardwood, laminate, and carpet. The Dyson DC59 has a smooth transition from one floor surface to the next with no changing at all. Nylon bristles dig into carpets picking up just about anything (the previous owners of our new home had pets – animal hair gone!) and carbon filaments reduce the static on hardwoods to make sure the finest of dust comes up without a problem.

3. Not limiting in reach – Let me paint this scenario: You are upstairs vacuuming. You plug the cord into your bedroom and you’re on a roll. No kids crying, everyone being good. Just keep vacuuming through the whole upstairs, right?! Wrong. As you reach the last room, the plug pulls out of the wall and you have to go change the outlet. But…it is enough to startle the kids and now…you’re out of time! HA! No issue with this Dyson Cordless Vaccum. 20 minutes with a full charge. Vacuum anywhere without a cord – heck, vacuum the ceilings if you want!

4. Gets under furniture – A light, small, vacuum with a thin wand easily reaches under furniture. LOVE that!


5. Good suction – Nothing bothers me more than adding an attachment to a vacuum hose and practically all the power is used up by the time it gets to the attachment. Not here. Because of the way you detach the long extension hose, the DC59 becomes a handheld vacuum with even more suction power. Impressive.

6. Portable – I love being able to use a vacuum for more than just your classic upright inside the house. I can use this one IN THE CAR!! Check it out!

7. Picks up EVERYTHING – Kids spill stuff. I spill stuff. One pass – the Dyson DC59 picks it up in one pass! Seriously! H brought a sand bucket in the house the other day and dropped it (AHHHH!). It was so quickly picked up.

8. Plenty of Attachments – I like options for cleaning. Certainly there is a difference in what you should use on the stairs vs. flat floor. My favorite part about this vacuum is how easily the attachments are switched in and out. There are ones for crevices, floors, etc. An all in one for sure.


9. Easy to Clean Out – No need for a bunch of crazy dust flying everywhere. Remember when there were bags in vacuums and you would take them off and all of the contents would inevitably come out? Well, not anymore. The cannister is quick to empty – small enough to easily fit over your trashcan.


I don’t think I can ever look at vacuums the same. Seriously, this machine has changed every single expectation that I have ever had about making a purchase like this. I have always been a big fan of a dustbuster in the kitchen in addition to my upright vacuum. No more. No need. The Dyson DC59 Motorhead does both with ease. It also comes with a docking station that makes it easy to quickly grab and charge too.


Starting Right Now…The Dyson DC59 Motorhead is available as a QVC Deal of the Day! Get it and it’s attachments for an awesome deal of $449.99 here. 

^^^The deal is over. :( But I promise it is still worth it! You can get one HERE.

Mama H was incredibly impressed <–the ultimate compliment! Thinking she may be scoring this Deal of the Day today – watch out dad;)

What are the most important things to you when it comes to buying a vacuum?

**Disclosure: I received this vacuum for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and expressions of awesomeness are my own. This vacuum is seriously a whole new world. It makes life so much easier and is worth every bit. I love it! Affiliate links may be included in this post.

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A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated.

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