7 Recipe Ideas for Those Turnips and Week 13 of a Winter CSA

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These last few weeks of our CSA share have started to feel completely normal. We have hit the point where incorporating these new-to-us vegetables into our meals has become second nature, and I have started to create meal plans based off of our share (maybe I will post those soon). The kids have also started requesting some of the vegetables that they have been introduced to in the last few months.

This past week, we enjoyed some celery root, a vegetable that I had never eaten before. I made a fantastic Navy Bean Soup with it and it filled us all up during our week of 3 “snow falls”! I also included the fingerling potatoes and the carrots (orange and white) that were in our share. Let me just stop for a second and say that these carrots, Eckerton’s carrots, are the most delicious, sweet, amazing tasting carrots that I have EVER had. Mesclun mix and radishes also kept me very happy during all my lunches of the week!

Week 13’s box included two of the most delicious cheeses that I have ever tasted (an add-on from Cherry Grove Farm), Full Nettle Jack and Herdsman. Both are softer cheeses that have now contributed to my continuing cheese snobbishness. As for produce, mache, arugula, and radish sprouts populated the box. We are having friends over this week and I can’t wait to share with them the deliciousness that has become my lunch by making them a fantastic salad treat! And more carrots, but by the time this posts, they will be…gone. :-) We also got the last of the Winter Squash for the season. I am looking for a fantastic recipe for this. Any ideas?

I have been dreaming about turnips lately and am hoping for some more of those before the season is over, so…


Our family LOVES turnips, we are all converts. These beautiful (okay, maybe that is a bit overboard) vegetables are extra special, so here are   ways to use them in your meals. Bonus? They are full of vitamins, fiber, AND anti-oxidants! The two varieties that I have had are Harukai (a small, delicate variety) and Purple-Top (the more traditional variety). stirfry

1. Stir fry! Definitely the family favorite! Toss them into your next stir fry. They have a texture much like water chestnuts (if you don’t cook them too long) and absorb a lot of the flavors in the stir fry.

2. Roast them – I now throw them in with potatoes and carrots when I am cooking a roast.

3. Soup – Turnip Soup! Try this one… or just throw them in whatever soup you have on at the time, like White Bean and Kale Soup.

4. Dips – Don’t forget those turnip greens…they have TONS of nutritional benefit! Try this Warm Turnip Dip with Bacon (I am told that everything is better with bacon:)

5. Chips – When in doubt, make chips! Deliciousness! Think Kale Chips…but with turnips:)

6. Mash ’em – They are just as good, if not better than potatoes. And certainly healthier:)

And how about this one that I have yet to try:

7. Cajun Turnip Fries – WOW…these Cajun Turnip Fries look fabulous!

So the next time you are at a farmer’s market, grab some turnips! Heck, grab 7 of them and try them all!


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  1. I really need to pin this! I had *no* idea what to do with the turnips from last year’s garden!
    Jaime recently posted…How to Get Tub Toys Clean: Rubber Ducky 911My Profile

  2. Great recipes! I wish I saw this yesterday when I had no idea what to make! I made soup & it turned out great 😉
    Krystyna @ Spring Mountain Living recently posted…Giveaways ~ Please Link Up!My Profile

  3. Ooo I love the idea for making a dip with greens. We get tons of different greens in our CSA and usually we just bake or sautee them. Once in a while we make a puree, sort of like creamed spinach. Thanks for sharing!
    Shannon @ GrowingSlower recently posted…30 Days to a Healthy PregnancyMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the turnip inspiration. I always give mine away to my daughter daycare! Perhaps a soup would make me dislike them less? :)
    Good Girl Gone Green recently posted…Chocolate lemon puddingMy Profile

  5. Great suggestions! We are big Cherry Grove farm fans and we love Full Nettle Jack too.
    Becky recently posted…TV Free Friday: Great Backyard Bird CountMy Profile

  6. Fabulous ideas for turnips! I love discovering new ways to eat the ignored vegetables. CSA’s are great for making you find new ways to cook things aren’t they? Thanks for sharing.
    BiggSis recently posted…You Deserve Real Food….. Baby Step #8My Profile

  7. I do hope you’ll try the turnip green dip. It’s really amazing. And, yes, it’s true – everything’s better with bacon :-)
    Lana @ Never Enough Thyme recently posted…Lentil and Sausage Gumbo Soup (and a giveaway!)My Profile

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