4 Tricky Signs of Sleep Deprivation and Tips that Will Help You Rest Soundly

So, here is how a normal night goes at our house: Kids go to bed around 8. We head to be by around 10:30 and chat, read, or work for a little longer. By about 1 a.m. at least one of our kiddos is in with us. It is generally the snuggler that comes in first so the first few hours are restful. Then around 2 comes the perpendicular sleeper and sleep there after becomes restless. #3 doesn’t come in bed but instead awakens at around 6:15 and the day starts then! I would consider myself sleep deprived for sure. I just keep telling myself that these years are short…

And so I bring to you a guest post about sleep deprivation signs and tips that will help you rest soundly! 


If you’re not yawning after a long day and only four to five hours of sleep to refill your tank, it doesn’t mean you’re not sleep deprived! We all need that espresso-laced Starbucks latte to get through the day sometimes, but if this is a regular part of your routine, it might indicate a bigger problem.

You might not feel tired (until that caffeine wears off) but your body is still letting you know in less obvious ways that you need more rest. Adults (moms too!) should get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. If you’re logging six or less, you might be experiencing the following symptoms:

You’re Hungry All the Time. Are you craving lunch two hours early every day, or snacking constantly to ward off starvation? Inadequate sleep has been linked to the body producing more of the ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin, which makes you think you’re ravenous when you really ate an hour ago.

You Had to Re-read the Last Bullet to Understand It. Lack of sleep decreases your ability to focus. If you doubt it, try to monitor how often you bounce from task to task on a day with less than seven hours of sleep, compared with amore ideal night. The results shocked me, and they may shock you!

You Forget Everyday Things…Such as your car keys, picking your kids up from school on time, or that importantpresentation for work. Oops…what was I saying again?

You Have the Sniffles…All the Time. Occasional colds are normal, but if you’re sick all the time for no diagnosable reason, maybe you need more sleep. The immune system requires a full night’s sleep to work at its best.

The obvious cure for sleep deprivation is to sleep more. But perhaps no matter how hard you try, those ZZZZZs are hard to find. Insomnia can be caused by many factors: smoking or having caffeine too close to bedtime, stress, sleep disorders such as RLS, and more. But have you considered the possibility that your mattress is the culprit?

Mattresses should be replaced every 5-7 years, and should match your body’s needs. The ComforPedic iQ mattress is one bed I’m looking into because it adapts to a sleeper’s body and pressure points without electronics. Mattress problems are a major (and often overlooked) cause of lost sleep and back pain.

Whatever you need to do, whether that means giving up your after-dinner coffee, seeing your doctor about a potential sleep disorder, or trying out the ComforPedic iQ, do it – you deserve to be well-rested, and your kids deserve a bright-eyed, healthy mom.

**Disclosure: This was a sponsored guest post. I received compensation for this post. All stories in the introduction are my own;) 

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